The scientific journal Agrobiodiversity for Improving Nutrition, Health and Life Quality creates the conditions for the presentation of scientific knowledge about wild-growing, traditional, underutilized, forgotten and less-known plant species for the scientific, agri-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic public, consumers, and other users of plant species within the established international AgroBioNet network. The priority is the presentation of original scientific papers by research teams as well as PhD. students and students in recognizing the economic value of plant species and their practical use to support food safety, food security, improving nutrition, application in alternative forms of therapy, use of plant species for remediation water, soil and the environment, the expansion of bee and pollinator species, the use of less-known species in cosmetics and landscaping. This issue presents several scientific papers focused on the results of the evaluation of plant species grown in vitro. The scientific journal will give priority to the original scientific papers, in the form of reviews but also scientific papers in the form of short reports suitable for publishing the results of students' final theses. In all forms, it is necessary to respect the guidelines for authors, which are available on this site.