May 31, 2021

Every life has its beginning and its way. The journal Agrobiodiversity for Improving Nutrition, Health and Life Quality has its own ones. Roots go back to 2013, when the first proceedings of scientific papers was published under this title. In 2017, the format was changed to a serial with annual periodicity and in 2021 to a biannual scientific journal. However, the main topic has not changed: agrobiodiversity and its place in the life of the Man and the Earth.

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About the Journal

May 31, 2021

Languages: English
License: CC BY-NC 4.0 International
Time periods: Biannual journal
Fees: Free of charge (without APCs)
Topics: Plant genetic resources; Plant genetis and breeding; Traditional, forgotten, underutilized and less-known plant species; Plants, human nutrition and health; Plants, human nutrition and life quality
Indexing: CABI Bibliographic databases

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