Optimization of Conditions for the Creation of Vegetable Adaptogenic Substance for Functional Phytocomposition
Agrobiodiversity for Improving Nutrition, Health and Life Quality
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adaptogeni; active natural substances; antioxidants; immunostimulants; adaptation potential

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Palamarchuk, O., Dzhurenko, N., & Steshenko, O. (2017). Optimization of Conditions for the Creation of Vegetable Adaptogenic Substance for Functional Phytocomposition. Agrobiodiversity for Improving Nutrition, Health and Life Quality, (1). Retrieved from https://agrobiodiversity.uniag.sk/scientificpapers/article/view/102


Nowadays the creation of harmless, effective remedies that can influence the level of human adaptive capacity for the impact of various factors, including the extreme nature is one of the key issues of contemporaneity. To restore the protective functions of the body, the use of plant adaptogens, which have undoubted advantages due to their high efficiency, with the most balanced chemical composition of functional ingredients, capable not only of providing the body with healthy energy, but also compensate for the deficiency of irreplaceable essential macro- and micronutrients. For ascertaining the possibilities of preserving the biopotential and the quality of the medicinal vegetative raw material (LRS) by creating new complex phytoadaptogenic remedies of preventive and improving action, a study was conducted to determine the advantages and rational parameters for achieving the high technological effect of the convective method of drying leaves of Ginkgo biloba L., Aralia mandchurica Rupr. et Maxim., Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench and Eleutherococcus senticosus (Ruper. et Maxim.) Maxim. as its preservation. It was established that the observance of an individual approach and the selection of optimal modes of convective drying for a particular type of raw material (air speed, thickness of the raw material layer, temperature, drying time, maximum preservation of qualitative and quantitative indices of valuable BAS) as its preservation ensures the maximum retention of active substances and allows to significantly expand the production capacity of high-quality functional phytocompositions regardless of the seasonal load сhronological line. The created composite substance is substantiated taking into account the assessment of organoleptic properties and potential abilities of each plant to provide adaptogenic, immunostimulating, antioxidant and other effects at sufficient levels of macro- and micronutrients.

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