Content of Nutrients in Different Parts of Ipomoea batatas L. (Lam.)

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Olena Vergun
Dzhamal Rakhmetov
Svitlana Rakhmetova
Valentyna Fishchenko
Oksana Shymanska


Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. (sweet potato) is a popular food crop that is planted vegetatively and native to the American tropics. It is one of the most economically important crops alongside other that widely used in the world.

This study was aimed to investigate the biochemical composition of plant raw material of Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. in conditions of M.M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden of the NAS of Ukraine. It was investigated the leaves, stems, and tubers at the end of vegetation. The content of dry matter and lipids determined according to Yermakov et al. (1972), the total content of reducing sugars, tannins, titratable acidity, and ascorbic acid according to Krishchenko (1983), the content of carotene according to Pleshkov (1985), total ash content and calcium by Hrytsajenko et al. (2003), phosphorus content by Pochinok (1976), and the energetic value detected on calorimeter IKA C-200. At the end of vegetation content of dry matter was from 13.00 to 25.45%, the total content of sugars from 12.32 to 34.43%, the titratable acidity from 1.82 to 5.48%, the tannin content from 0.82 to 6.96%, ascorbic acid content from 34.1 to 53.34 mg%, the content of ß-carotene from 0.238 to 0.641 mg%, lipids content from 1.89 to 6.93%, total ash content from 2.1 to 11.99%, calcium content from 0.53 to 1.86%, phosphorus content from 0.51 to 1.81%. The energetic value was in the range 3242–3623 Cal/g.

Very strong positive correlation found between ß-carotene content with lipids (r = 0.837), and with phosphorus (r = 0.919); between total tannin content and titrable acidity (r = 0.845) and with ash content (r = 0.952). Plant parts of I. batatas contain functional and nutrient components that make it useful for the food industry. Obtained data can be used for the deep further biochemical, pharmacological study, and selective work.


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